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What is SEO Google Adwords?

Google Adwords Services in Singapore

The picture below is an example of a Google Ad vs a normal google listing. When you make a search on Google, there is a fairy high chance that the very first Search Results that you see have the words "Ad" at the beginning. This means, that the business has paid for their website to appear at the top of Google Search. You can compare it another picture that does not have Ad listings. An important thing to note is that Ad listings will always appear on top of non-ad listings.


Benefits of Google Adwords

1. The only way to be #1

Advertising on Google Adwords is the only way for your website to show at the top most listing of Google Search, as you can see from the picture Above. As soon as your target audience searches for you, your website will be one of the top few websites that they will see. Isn't this just what you need?

Image by Joshua Golde

2. Pay Per Click

Not only is Google Adwords so wonderful, it also does not charge you for showing your website at the top of its search results. It only charges you if someone actually clicks on your listing and visits your website. This is what we call a Pay Per Click model.

Clicking on a Tablet
Working Together

Optimizing Clicks

In general, each Pay Per Click can cost between $0.10 to $1.50. However, you do not have to be afraid. Our very own Proprietary SEO Continuous Feedback Loop Methodology will help you to Optimize the click price. This means, that lets say you started off having to pay $1.50 per click. Over time, our methodology will fine-tune your campaign to reduce the price of each click, making it more and more worth it for you. In fact, some of our clients have managed to reach just $0.02 per click!

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