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What is SEO Analytics?

Very often we get customers coming up to us and say that they wish to SEO their website. They will then provide us with a list of keywords that they want to SEO.

The first thing that we always ask such customers is, "How did you come up with this list of keywords"?

100% of the time, the answer that we get is, "We feel that the customers that look for us will search for these keywords".

And we would reply, "How sure are you of this? Do you have anything to back this assumption up?".

Usually, the topic usually ends there.

This is the biggest mistake that people make when embarking on SEO campaigns. They do not begin with the correct keywords.


Choosing the right SEO Keywords

Before deciding on keywords, the purpose of the SEO must be clear. We use data to convince you that the keywords are worth investing in. But before that. There are generally 2 kinds of SEO purposes:

1. SEO for Branding

Some companies have an advertising budget for Branding purposes. This means, that you just want to raise awareness about the brand, and to keep the brand in people's minds. Generating sales is not the primary objective. Raising brand awareness is a broad advertising strategy that focuses on reaching as many people as possible, regardless of the target market. This is also an expensive approach that is only suitable for large companies.

Take for example you own an Ice Cream shop that does Ice Cream Deliveries to the West area of Singapore. If you were to SEO the keywords "Ice Cream", then everyone in Singapore who searches for the word "ice cream" would see your brand. However, this will not only be expensive, but also the majority of people who searched this term may not be looking to have ice cream because they could be searching it for many different reasons. They may not even be living within your delivery zone of the West. You will however succeed at reaching a high number of people and building brand awareness for your Ice Cream Shop.


2. SEO for Leads

On the other hand, SEO for Leads is a targeted, more cost effective advertising strategy that focuses on attracting only the customers that already have an intent to purchase the target product.

Take for example the Ice Cream Shop again that does Ice Cream Deliveries to the West area of Singapore. If you were to SEO the keywords "ice cream delivery Singapore West Coast", not only would it be cheaper, but it would also target the right customer segment that you are looking for to generate leads. Someone who searched these terms would have a very high chance of living in the West and be looking for ice cream delivery at that very moment. There would therefore be a high chance that this person would order ice cream from your shop, compared to someone else that simply searched for "ice cream".

However, this now leads to the next question. How would we know if "ice cream delivery Singapore west coast" is the right keyword to invest in? why not "buy ice cream online west coast" instead? or "west coast online ice cream delivery"?

Closing a Deal

Deciding on SEO Keywords

We use Analytics and a Data-backed approach to convince you of the Keywords that are worth investing in.

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SEO Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a key step in gathering Data for SEO. Combined with our Proprietary SEO Continuous Feedback Loop Methodology, we help you to gather, narrow down and identify the keywords that will give you the best value for money.

SEO Google Analytics

We then apply our Proprietary SEO Continuous Feedback Loop Methodology to further analyse the data using Google Analytics. This sets us apart from our competitors as our Methodology has the ability to ensure that the money that the keywords that you choose for SEO will be Cost-Effective.

Analyzing the data
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SEO Google Adwords

The final piece of the puzzle, we apply the data gathered from Google Analytics to our Proprietary SEO Continuous Feedback Look Methodology. From these 3 sources of data, we are able to triangulate and identify for you the keywords that will ensure the best performance for your budget.