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What is SEO Organic?

The picture below is an example of a normal Google search listing compared to an Adwords listing. Normal listings that appear at the top of Google Search will not cost you anything when people click on them compared to the Google Adwords listings.


Benefits of Organic SEO

Image by Joshua Golde

1. Be Permanently Ranked on Google

Organic SEO will enable your website to be ranked on Google for the long term. This means, that unlike Google Adwords that would disappear once you stop paying, Organic SEO will keep your website at the top of the search results permanently.

Clicking on a Tablet

No Pay Per Click costs

Organic SEO also will not have any costs when users click on your website. Perfect isn't it?


Whats the Catch?

Organic SEO sounds too good to be true. Not only can you get a permanent google search ranking, but there are also no pay per click charges. So whats the catch? Well, the catch is that a lot of time, work, and investment is needed to develop this SEO for your website. It can take anywhere from 2 - 8 months, or even longer. And for this SEO work to be performed, there will be a cost to it.

Financial Report
Working Together

Conclusion? Organic SEO or Google Adwords?

It really depends. For some businesses, Organic SEO is more worth it, and for some others, Google Adwords is more worth it. Some businesses also do a combination of both. But how will you know which path to take? Again, allow our Proprietary SEO Continuous Feedback Loop Methodology to convince you based on data.

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