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What is SEO?

Simply put, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process whereby we help your website to be found on Google by your intended customers.

This is because while many businesses have websites, competition online is high. If your website does not appear on the top few pages of Google, your website will not be found. 

SEO will therefore enable your website to appear on the top few pages of Google, and be visible to your customers.


Our Services

Search Engine Optimization Services Singapore

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SEO Maintenance

Once strategic keywords have been Search Engine Optimized, we continue to step on the pedal, keeping up the momentum to ensure that the website continues to be ranked high on Google, never relenting in the face of competitors.

SEO Organic

The With sufficient data and conclusions drawn, we identify the best keywords for Search Engine Optimization to give you the best cost/benefit results. This is the longest phase that requires utmost patience, and perseverance.

SEO Google Adwords

The second step in SEO. This helps to propel your website to the top of Google instantly. It is a temporary, short term, solution while the foundations of your website's organic SEO are being built. Not only is this the largest data collection phase, it also propels your website to the top of Google, bringing you sales leads immediately.

SEO Analytics

The first step in SEO. Search Engine Optimization always begins with Analytics. With Analytics, we can take a data-orientated approach to make decisions. We draw our conclusions based on data and statistics, in a logical and rationalized manner. We don't sell you a dream. We convince you with concrete findings.


Our Methodology

We make use of our very own Proprietary SEO Continuous Feedback Loop Methodology to perform our SEO for you. While we may not be able to share what the details of our Methodology is, we are confident that it will work for you. Therefore, we set acheivements based payment milestones so that you only pay us when we deliver for you the results.

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The Company

At NCODE Consultant, we promise you Transparency and Patience. Transparency so that you will always know what is happening to your website. Patience that we will always have as we strive to tend to your business needs, deliver the results that you deserve.

SEO is a complex topic to grasp. When hiring a Search Engine Optimization consultant, you would want a team that has patience and transparency when tending to you. The last thing you would want is to pay money and be kept in the dark about what is being done to your website.

To know more about us, visit our Corporate Site here at NCODE Consultant.

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Help Center

Is SEO useful for SMEs?

Definitely. It is very common to see SMEs develop their websites, but still their businesses still remain unseen. This is because just because you have a website does not mean that you business can be found on Google. There may be many other similar websites that appear infront of you instead. Therefore, SEO is useful to help your business website to appear on top of others on Google search, so that customers can find you easily.

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